All of our machines have been sourced within the UK, custom built to suit our needs.

We have heavily invested to make sure that we have a fully functional state of the art facility. All our machinery has been sourced and custom-built to fit the needs and expectations of our clients.

Our bespoke purpose-built Cleanroom has been custom-designed to enable flexibility, that we might need for expansion to minimise all possibility of a downtime.

We are surrounded by millions of airborne particles.

Although they are harmless to people in day-to-day life, they can cause real issues within the manufacturing process.

Our cleanroom has been certified as an ISO-714644-1.

Our facility is composed of a number of fully automated bottling filling and capping machines. The fill volumes are adjustable to cater for any size.

Our ultra-high-speed label applicators enable us to provide a quality finish. From printing the labels to applying them directly on the product, we can provide the perfect labelling service.