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Shortfill Eliquids

Shortfill Eliquids are larger bottles of 0 MG (zero) nicotine eliquids. These come in a range of sizes. They come in 50 ml and 100 ml. Generally they are filled to 80% of the volume enabling you to simply add nicotine. They are not fully filled hence the name shortfills. 50ml shortfills come in 60ml bottles and 100 ml shortfills come in 120 ml bottles allowing the space to add the nicotine.

You can add the nicotine using our N shot allowing you to create the strength of nicotine you want.

If you add one bottle of 10 ml Nshot nic shot 18 mg to a 50 ml you will be able to make this to a 3 MG ready to vape eliquid.

For a bigger size 100 ml shortfill simply add 2 bottles of 10 ml n shot nicotine shot booster to make it 3 mg.

For more help and advice use our nicotine calculator.